Prize List, Hunt, Events, Club Page

For events to which people may bring their horses, attend as a guest, join, or participate. For annual contracts, in months where an event is not being held, the farm, hunt, organization, club etc. may use its space for other activities such as boarding, lessons, clinics, etc. These pages do not allow for the advertising of outside sponsors or products. Events on pages will be included on the calendar and are allowed editorial space. You may change your ad every issue, but a “default” ad is required and will be used if new ad is not received by each deadline. Horse Times graphic services will still be included in price, however, if you submit your own artwork, printing specifications will be provided and must be followed.

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Special rates for Horse Shows, Hunts, Associations, & Clubs

Ad Dimensions:
width 7.5” (7 1/2”)
height 10” (10”)

Annual Rate
(4 issues)

color $400*
*only $100/issue!


Single Issue Rates
color $150